“A great social mission that will ensure the child justice, harmony and love remains to be accomplished. This great task must be the work of education for this is the only way to build a new world and to bring peace.” -Maria Montessori

The purpose of this website is to connect Montessori programs around the world serving children in need with available resources. This is an independent project inspired by my experience at the second assembly of Educateurs Sans Frontieres, held in Burgos, Spain in 2004. As a lifelong traveler, it has given me great pleasure to come across a child engaged in purposeful work, not in a classroom setting, but in a local village or mountainside.

Children all over the world demonstrate this strong need to participate as respected members of their family and community. For so many of these children, the obstacles to developing their full human potential are monumental.

Each program represented here is striving to create a better environment for the children they serve, thereby increasing the odds that they will grow into capable, confident and compassionate young adults.

Please take a look at each program to see how you can help. To register a program, click HERE.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Jules Layman

“If we just worry about the big picture, we are powerless. So my secret is to start right away doing whatever little work I can do. I try to give joy in the morning, and remove the suffering of one person in the afternoon. If you and your friends do not despise this small work, a million people will remove a lot of suffering. That is the secret. Start right now.” -Sister Chan Khong